Making Your Home Stylish Yet Comfortable In Warmer Weather

As the seasons start to alter, we can start to enjoy lots of things about the upcoming summer. Firstly, the sun rises early and sets later, meaning we are exposed to a much longer daytime. This can be a breath of fresh air for those of us who have endured a long and dark winter, where motivation levels tend to be at an all-time low. When we have longer daylight hours we tend to feel more productive as we are more motivated to get up earlier and get started with our day – rather than just sitting around the house, wrapped in a blanket, feeling sorry for ourselves! In fact, it is during this time that many of us end up going into true ‘hibernation mode’; blasting up the central heating and the fire, making every room soft and cozy and dimming the lights to a warm glow. This is all very festive, but what happens when the new season starts arriving? Suddenly you don’t need the heating on as much anymore, and sunlight starts to beam through the windows. Keeping this ultra-cozy style during summer can feel a little alien; as rugs, throws and a roaring fire are pretty juxtaposed with hot, tropical weather. With that in mind, you may want to start deciding how you want to update your home for the coming summer (just as you change your clothes from winter wear to the spring/summer fashions). Here are a few ways you can make an airy haven that not only survives the summer – but that welcomes it.


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Clean windows

When the rain and snow have been pouring down throughout winter, it’s safe to say you probably haven’t been that concerned about the cleanliness of your windows! The dark fall weather can hide a multitude of sins. It’s only when the sun starts to peep through the cloud cover, illuminating your home, that you might notice dirt and streaks covering your windows. Of course, many people high professional window cleaners to come and perform the service for them – if your windows are particularly grimy, you might want to consider this as an option. But if you reckon you could sort it out yourself, all you will need is a few basic tools. Firstly, use a feather duster or a broom to rid the glass and the frames of any cobwebs or dust that may have gathered there. Then get some glass cleaning solution (or produce a homemade one yourself) and begin to clean your windows with a sponge and squeegee. Once finished, use some crumpled up newspaper to buff the glass with, as this will give your windows an extra sheen.


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Light linens

Warm weather might mean that you put your heavy duty blankets and throws away – but that doesn’t mean you want a home completely devoid of soft furnishings. Comfort should still be a massive factor in your home, as, after all, it is the place where you come to relax after a hard day at work. Take off your super thick, heavy-duty comforter as soon as it starts hotting up outside – you will only end up being far too warm at night, which could impede the quality of your sleep. Instead, opt for an ultra light comforter for summer comfort – you will be guaranteed a much better night’s sleep. Plus, even when it’s really hot in the home many people struggle to sleep without some form of fabric covering them, so opting for a more breezy fabric means you get the best of both worlds.  


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Outside space

If you are blessed with a beautiful back yard, it only makes sense to make the most of it during the summer months! Outdoor entertaining is one of the best ways you can enjoy the warmer season with friends, so make sure your garden is well-prepared. Sort out any irrigation issues – even in dry summers; you never know when a bout of heavy rain is going to appear, so ensure that all your drainage is working properly. Drag your patio furniture out of the depths of your garage, as you’re going to want to sit outside in the evening sun. Arrange it in a way that promotes socializing –  for example, around a table or a chiminea, if you have one. It can also be worth getting slightly green-fingered to keep your garden looking fresh and inviting for the summer season. Hot weather and a lack of natural rainfall can wreak havoc with grass and plants alike, so make sure you take some precautions to keep the whole area looking good. Regular watering and even adding some plant food to your soil can mean all the living things in your back yard continue to be nourished no matter what the conditions are like.
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Fresh air

After months of having your doors and windows clasped firmly shut, it can be somewhat liberating to have the option to throw them wide open and not run the risk of your entire home turning to ice! Having fresh air circulating throughout the home can be invigorating for the soul and can also have a positive effect on various aspects of our health too. For example, constant artificial heating (either from central heating or electric heaters) can dry out the skin and can even strip the natural moisture from your hair. Of course, there isn’t a lot we can do about this during winter – but as soon as the heat starts rising, you will want to air out your home. In fact, you may even need to just so you don’t feel as if you are roasting alive! Very few residential properties are equipped with the built-in facilities needed to cope with very high summer temperatures – such as the thick, heat-blocking walls we see in many Mediterranean homes. So, with that in mind, you may need to add a few different things to your property to cool down and keep the place nice and airy. You may need to get hold of some mesh insect guards for your doors and windows. Being able to leave your back door open in summer when the kids are playing in the garden is a lovely feeling, but sometimes doing so can be a green light for all manner of creepy crawlies to come and share your house too! By putting up some mesh screens, you will be able to still enjoy fresh air throughout your home, but without all the unpleasant extras!


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