Making A House A Home

You will see that more recently I have been sharing a lot of home based post. I’ve been a little obsessed about interiors and home design since we remortgaged our home late in 2016. We’ve got a small budget and so we need to make the most of it to ensure our home looks fab but stays on budget. There are some essentials that we need to do.

Hallway and Front door

First impression matter even if it’s a through way rather than a room. The front door and hall are the first things you see as you enter our home and so we have decided to keep this light and as airy as possible with lighter walls and fittings. Our carpet will be a light grey to match other rooms (also a practical colour when you have children!). The composite door needs to fit fire safety standards as a condition of our lease so we have found the ones at Newview are a practical options as they cover what we need as well as having a great choice too. As they are also a family run company I feel they are a good place to advise us on needs while also knowing the practicalities of having small children.


Our kitchen is still in the condition it has been since the 1070’s with the age deterioration. We have firs hazard 1070’s polystyrene tiles on the walls and units that are falling apart. The whole kitchen has seen much better days and I would love for this to be a safer and more modern family space. At present we have to stair gate this room off as we feel the kids can’t go in there. It means that I want to spend less time cooking and so am a bit more of a lazy cook.

Living Room

Of course this space is not just for family time but one where the adults need to chill out too. We want to feel we can invite guests over and have a smart modern space but keep it practical for playing children too. We section off our living room to do just this. It’s a large area and quite open so can feel a lovely space when it looks right.

We have so much work to do as it’s not just these areas that need doing but they are also the main and bigger priorities we have. From front door to living space it needs to flow, so many choices and a budget. Can we do it?



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