Making A Home More You!

When decorating a home, there is such a thing as playing it too close to the multiple style guides out there. Sure, you want to achieve a look, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up all sense of individualism to go with it. If you want to live in your home, you need to make sure that it has what it needs to appeal to you above all else. Here’s how you get back to what you love, not just what all those interior tips are going to tell you.

Think comfort, not just look

One of the biggest issues with decorating a new home and playing it safe is that people tend to forget that looks aren’t all that matter. Especially if you have kids, creating a house that looks like a show home isn’t going to keep its appeal for very long. Remember to touch it up with comfort, thinking about the texture of your additions, not just the colour and style.

Make it a place for the things you love

We all want to have an emotional connection to our home. If we’re coming in from work or school, it should be a place that reinvigorates us with positive emotions. The best way to do that is by giving pride of place to the things that we love. Incorporating your hobbies into your décor, whether it’s with a wall display of your favourite movies, records, or creating a reading nook, can do just that. As can choosing a display piece that bears some the little knick-knacks that comprise your most treasured memories. Family photos, jars of shells from the day at the beach, whatever you want can make it feel much warmer.

Something new

Your individuality doesn’t just have to be expressed by your past, your hobbies, and your favourite memories, either. Having something created new and specifically for you can give it an emotional feel-good connection all its own. It doesn’t have to be an entirely newly constructed bed or wardrobe, touches like replacing carpet with new laminate flooring or a super fluffy rug can add an entirely unique dynamic to your home. Not only will it feel unique, but it gives your home an extra bit of wow factor when you tell your friends that they won’t see that design anywhere else.

Start clearing stuff out

As well as adding fixtures and fittings that have more appeal to you, you have to be ready to cycle out the pieces that have long lost their touch, as well. For instance, updating your wall art can instantly change the look of a room if you’re getting sick of the old focal point. It’s worth taking the occasional inventory of all the decorative pieces and asking yourself if they still really do anything for you. You don’t necessarily have to find replacements, either. A little decluttering can make a home feel much more relaxing.

A little touch of uniqueness, of your own personality, and your own enjoyment is going to help make a home feel much warmer, more comfortable, and more yours. Don’t forget the “you” factor.


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  1. January 25, 2020 / 12:17 am

    These are really great tips! You can’t beat laminate flooring, it looks amazing but it’s no where near as expensive as tiles or wooden flooring! It’s just trying to decide which one to go for with so much choice 😀 xo

    Makeup Muddle

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