Lunchbox Choices for Little Ones

If you, like me, have been struggling to pack a lunch box, have fussy eaters or are just not that Pinterest lunch box parent then you’ll know my daily struggle in what to pack in the lunch box that they’ll eat.

Obviously we want the kids to have a balance in their lunchbox and of course a little post lunch treat to. So what tips do we have:


We found that the kids can find a sandwich a bit too much and most of it comes back. We use the thins versions of bread or use a cookie cutter to cut into smaller shapes.


We tend to be a quite traditional lunch box family but mix it up occasionally. So we bought little tubs to put in veg or fruit pieces which means they get variety.


The children’s school don’t have a bin in the lunch hall which means that we get pouches so not to get a yoghurt tub causing chaos with splatters everywhere, We were sent some of The Collective for Kids Puds yoghurt pouches to pop into our packed lunch. They give the kids a sweet treat without plying them with sugar. Even better is they don’t make a mess as the kids just pop the lid back on (try freezing over night during the hotter weather too!)

After school snacks:

Our kids are always starving after school so we tend to raid whats left of the packed lunch on the way or pack a bit extra. A piece of fruit or some crackers are ideal to help them last through the 40 minute journey home. The kids also love popping a bit of their yoghurt onto a biscuit!

Some interesting facts about kids and sweets treats:

30% say yoghurt is their go-to dessert but over half say kids still crave ice cream and chocolate, and just one in 10 asks for fruit

50% feel guilty about giving children an unhealthy pudding

50% worry about high sugar and tooth decay increase

Do you worry about any of these?

Asked what their child normally requested for pudding, London parents said that ice cream was their kids ‘top choice’, with the top seven puds as follows;

1 – Ice cream – 33 per cent

2 – Chocolate pudding – 23 per cent

3 – Yoghurt – 15 per cent

4 – Fruit – 9 per cent

5 – Cake – 8 per cent

6 – Custard – 4 per cent

7 – Jelly – 3 per cent

8 – Something else – 5 per cent

Which is your kids fave?

Let me know what you put in your child’s packed lunch.


We were sent a selection of The Collective For Kids treats (and a few grown up ones) in exchange for inclusion in this post!

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