Looking After Your Pelvic Floor After Birth

Having a baby or babies can play havoc with your pelvic floor and I for one now get that saying ‘wee when you sneeze’. It’s difficult because we all talk about our pelvic floor but we more often than not stay quiet about the consequences too.

For me I definitely have a weaker pelvic floor. During the later stages of all pregnancies I have suffered from what could be said was a leak of my waters but have been told it’s quite common for urine to leak as there is so much pressure on the bladder from baby.

Now and then I still have sudden urges to go to the toilet now as everything is a bit weaker and lazier. I’m 7 months post birth and am starting to work on my pelvic floor and am so self conscious about it being weak but I do know that there are some fab products from places like Hartmann for female incontinence especially during pregnancy and post natal too.

The NHS recommend pelvic floor exercises

‘You can feel your pelvic floor muscles if you try to stop the flow of urine when you go to the toilet. However, it is not recommended that you regularly stop your flow of urine midstream, because it can be harmful to the bladder.

To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, sit comfortably and squeeze the muscles 10 to 15 times in a row. Do not hold your breath or tighten your stomach, buttock or thigh muscles at the same time. 

When you get used to doing pelvic floor exercises, you can try holding each squeeze for a few seconds. Every week, you can add more squeezes, but be careful not to overdo it and always have a rest between sets of squeezes. 

After a few months, you should start to notice the results. Your incontinence should improve, as well as the sensitivity you experience during sex. You should carry on doing the exercises, even when you notice them starting to work.’

During my pregnancy with Jedi Boy these pads often came in handy as I had very regular bleeds and so staff at the hospital always asked me to wear a pad and take them in so they could see what colour the bleeds were and any leaking post bleed too. It helps them to see what it actually happening rather than just your memory of what colour and texture leaks and bleeding are.

They have a super easy online ordering system and it can be discreetly delivered so only you know you’re using them. During late pregnancy this can also be a help if your waters do start to leak too as the hospital like you to take pads in so they can see the colours of your water too.

Theres also a really great FAQ area on the site so you can find the right products for you but also to show the different types of incontinence issues people have to deal with everyday. I know it can be hard to discuss but if we all spoke out it wouldn’t feel such an embarrassment.


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