Looking After A Baby On A Budget


Having a baby comes with a lot of financial pressures. However, there are a lot of ways to cut costs and still give your child everything it needs. If you’ve just become parents, here are a few financial tips to stop you from overspending.

You don’t need all the gear


Babycare is an industry and manufacturers will tell you anything to get you to buy objects that are potentially useless. You don’t need a crib pillow or a change table. Ask other parents what they really need and what they’ve bought simply because it looks cute. Here’s a great resource on how to get cheap baby stuff without sacrificing quality. Of course, you will still occasionally be tempted to buy your baby clothing it doesn’t need, but just make sure you don’t go overboard with the baby sweaters and sleepsuits – your infant will soon grow out of them.


Make most of coupons and samples


Dedicate a good amount of time for hunting for freebies. You’ll find plenty of sites online giving away free coupons and samples in exchange for signing up. If you’re diligent enough you could halve your spendings.


If you’re able to think straight right after the birth, the maternity ward is also a great place to find freebies and giveaways. Someone on a trolley may come round sporting lotions and creams – take these while you can.


Don’t buy baby clothes too far in advance


This may seem obvious, but too many parents will buy their babies winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter, only to find that the baby has grown out of these clothes by then. As a result, you end up with baby clothes that never got worn. When it comes to seasonal items, you’re best off not planning ahead but buying there and then.


Bulk buy nappies


A box of twenty or so nappies won’t cost much on it’s own, but you’ll buying these so regularly that it will soon start to add up. If you can go to a wholesaler and buy a giant carton of several hundred it will work out much more cost-effective in the end – you could save hundreds.




Finding DIY solutions could save you a lot of money. Run out of baby food? Some crushed steamed zucchini and ripe banana will be just as effective. You don’t have to build your own crib or knit your own clothes, although if you are savvy enough both are worth trying out.


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