Learning On The Go

Learning On The Go

As the kids are starting to need me less the time has come to start to think about my own personal development and how I can extend my career.

From September the boys will both be at nursery for 4 days a week. We are lucky enough to be able to claim the 30 free hours for Jedi and so it is now the time to start to grow my business a little bit more.

Of course I still have to work around 3 children, school runs and summer holidays. Rather than have to learning in a set environment I have started learning on the go. It means I can fit a course around life and my other responsibilities.

I also wanted to have a little change in direction. I’ll still be running Social Sparkle but to compliment that I am doing a Life Coaching course as well. It is important to me to be customer focussed and as a blogger who loves to build communities and relationships this gives me a mother string to my bow.

Today I have also looked at a co working space. From September I’ll no longer be stuck to my kitchen table to work but able to plan some space in an office to get my head down and work on those things that are really important to me, my business and my self development too. I think it will be worth the investment as I will have less distractions and get more done!

I can’t wait to have time to focus on my work and give home life the space it needs for the kids. I often get pulled between work and play and the boundaries often blur a lot!

How do you make sure you have work and play boundaries? What works for you?



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