Just Take Seventeen Minutes

As this blog starts to taking on more of the motherhood moments we are on the look out for more things that support mum in her daily life. This is why when Seventeen Minutes approached us to try out their quarterly self care for mums subscription box we couldn’t wait to see what they had carefully curated as was thought of as best for mums. I was sent their launch box.

Each box contains:

Well, it’s a surprise. The website doesn’t say what will be in each box but it does say between 3-5 items. The Spring launch box featured a book, a space eye mask, a Life Lessons book from Stylist, a chocolate lollipop, a quote postcard and a sample of Teapigs.

I do love the idea of the subscription set as a gift for a new mums first year and this would be something I would buy for a maternity leave gift in future. I love the idea of curating a box just for mums, making the subscription niche and unique. Plus mum really does need treats to get her through that first year of parenthood and what great way to help look after and encourage her to check in with herself, her mental health and wellbeing.

The Boxes come in at different subscriptions – the lowest is a 2 month subscriptions and costs £43.60 including free standard delivery by My Hermes. All packaging is big degradable too so good for the environment – although the kids nabbed mine to make things from so that was a double winner.

I do like this box as it’s aiming for a niche market to Mums. This would be the kindness of gift I’d send to a friend during those parenting struggle times or as a baby shower gift so she doesn’t forget to look after herself. I hope to see this brand grow in this market as it is so important to make mums feel important too!


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