Is Extended Breastfeeding Right For Me? 

Is Extended Breastfeeding Right For Me? 

With my first two children, Fizz (6) and Jedi (1) our breastfeeding journey ended around 9 months. As Beatlebum turns 6 months I’m wondering if extending breastfeeding is right for both of us. This is my final breastfeeding journey after all. 

We started trying Beatlebum on formula around 3 months so that we could have a night out a month as a couple. He had been having a couple of oz here and there but never anything more or in a routine. So at 3 months we decided that each night he would have a bottle but over the course of a week we noticed him changing a lot. 

He’d already had a few intestinal issues and some cranio for some symptoms before, we had also been trying homeopathic remedies helped by a pratictioner at Neals Yard. 

Beatlebum showed a lot of signs of Cows Milk Allergy. He was so congested a lot. And only after a bottle. He would pull his legs up in tummy pain. His active reflux ramped up too. He was unhappy and after conversations with friends I was pretty sure that it was CMPA. 

Breastfeeding to Sleep at 5 months

The Realities of Breastfeeding – Surrounded by Washing!

Snoozy Nighttime Feeds

Trying to stop the toddler from interrupting a feed

I called out Dr and was told a weeks wait for an appointment. Desperate to try something to help Beatlebum we tried reflux milk and wysoy until a group I was in told me about the affects of Soy on boys. Apparently it can affect  fertility. We stopped all formula and I went back to exclusive feeding again. I would pump but in all honestly with little time around the children as it is I’ve put off that road.

We’ve now been to the Dr and at 6 months we are waiting for an appointment with a paediatric nutritionist before we move forward. My Dr gave me the ‘can’t you just breastfeed until the appointment comes through’ and where as I am lucky enough to be able to I do wonder about parents that fall through the net and their babies won’t be thriving. As it is Beatlebum is small but he’s sleeping, eating and happy so I’m lucky there. 

As we wait for this appointment I’m still feeding but also weaning on fruit or veg only purrees, I’ve tried to cut down dairy quite a bit and as you can imagine that is hard! Although oddly it affects Beatlebum a minimal amount if I do have the odd milky tea here and there.

So with all this I do think extended breastfeeding is an option. If I can get the pumping down I know I don’t have to be a slave to the breast plus with feeds having more space between it doesn’t feel as relentless as it once did. He is definitely not as demanding as his siblings were for their milk hit that’s for sure! 

Did you extend breastfeeding? Please do let me know any tips! 


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  1. May 17, 2016 / 5:13 pm

    I’m still breastfeeding my 4 year old, never planned to carry on this long but for a long time it was just easier than attempting to wean her off! It’s helped with things like teething and tantrums and was the only way I could get her to nap until she dropped it just after she turned 3. I have to admit it was hard to carry on breastfeeding through pregnancy and is challenging feeding her and my 2 month old, but she’s very sensitive to change and loves her mum milk so I didn’t want to upset the apple cart even more by taking it away from her! I’ve no real advice but thought I’d share my experience.

  2. July 15, 2016 / 11:21 am

    Feeding past 6 months isn’t “extended” breastfeeding, it’s just carrying on the job boobs were meant for. (Sorry, pet peeve.)

    Both of mine had CMPI (Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance). I didn’t realise with the first, thought she was just a grumpy baby, but with #2 after cutting out dairy in my own diet and his the transformation was miraculous. From constant crying and wind to a peaceful, sleeping baby. It meant learning to drink my coffee black but that was small price to pay for more than 45 minutes sleep at a time! (And I still drink it black now.)

    We didn’t bother to see the doctor, as you say.. waiting times are high and I knew cutting out dairy was feasible. I simply did a non dairy diet for 2 weeks then a reintroduction to prove my theory (and it did so we re-cut dairy). Both of mine grew out of it at around 18 months old and don’t have any issues with milk products now.

    As for the breastfeeding… my son stopped at 20 months. He wasn’t as interested as his sister and just stopped asking. That was fine by me!

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