Is 2019 The Year Of The Digital Detox?

I don’t know about you but this year I intend to spend less time on line and when I work online I am trying to be more organised. That said it can be really hard to ensure that your digital life doesn’t blend into your offline time too. 

This last year I have seen a rise in people talking more of a digital detox and also protecting themselves online. Our team have also been thinking about streamlining online projects to be more productive so that offline we are present for our family and friends. 

The first thing you’ll want to think about is if you are protecting yourself online enough. If you are sharing personal information then the first start would be to look at a VPN. A VPN (virtual private networks) give an extra level of privacy for your data. Most workplaces use then but with hacking becoming an increasing worry for myself as a blogger and a user of photo sharing apps it has become apparent that an extra level of home security is needed. It can encrypt data and log in details that we are constantly using to access our online accounts.

Change your password and log in details every 12 weeks. I set a reminder for this. Changing your password can protect you against hackers but do remember to delete old stored passwords on your devices too. My icloud account saves all my log in details and when I went in to do a clear up i had over 100 log ins and passwords saved! 

Review what you have posted. Especially if you use names etc or dates on your photos. I know I have posted each child’s name and their birth date has been on social media. You may want to change this or hide this material. It’s a hackers dream. It’s worth also archiving (a feature on instagram) photos that don’t really need to be there. In a word of oversharing we all know that in review there will be some things we can delete!

If you are detoxing then it’s a good idea to use some time removing any apps and their access you don’t need on your phone. If they are easy to tap into you’ll be drawn in so make an agreement with yourself that you’ll only log on via a laptop – you’ll have yourself questioning if turning it on is worth it vs a phone that is easy to grab.

Another good way to detox is to set limits for everyone in the family. Consider a set day for absolutely no technology on. A game night is a great idea for families to interact. Making plans for family outings is great to get out of the house and having fresh air and fun as a family.

Set time limits! Why not set a timer for your online time – it will make you more productive and shows your children good boundaries when it comes to tech too.

What are you doing to be more present in 2019?


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