Involve Your Kids In Your House Move To Keep Them Feeling In Control

Moving house can be stressful for everyone, but it’s a stress that kids seem to feel more than most. All too often we forget to include our children in the moving process. It’s easy to forget how a move affects a child, but it’s crucial you take care around them when relocating. Being a child is never easy, especially when you’re taken from everything you know and have no say! Follow these steps to make sure your child is as excited about the move as you are.


After you’ve made the decision, sit your children down and talk them through your reasons. Understanding why you want the move to happen may help them come round to the idea. If you’re moving to a better area, explain that. A lot of the time, misunderstanding is what causes problems. If there are better schools in the new area, explain that too. Show them pictures of the school you have in mind, and explain why you think it’s a better fit. Whatever you choose to tell them, keep lines of communication open.

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There’s a lot about moving house a child doesn’t need or want to know. It’s important that you keep them involved to some extent, though. That way, they’ll know what’s happening and when it’s going to happen. Explaining everything is essential for avoiding unpleasant surprises. Your child might not want to be around when you’re meeting with estate agents, but give them an overview of what’s being discussed. Let them know, too, when the house goes on the market and whether you receive any offers. Involving them will help avoid their feeling things are out of their control. It’ll also give them a realistic idea of when things are likely to happen.


It can be tempting to leave the kids at home when you go to house viewings, but taking them along will build their excitement. Again, this step will also help them feel that they have some control. You want the whole family to be happy in your new home, and getting the kid’s seal of approval is half the battle. If it’s easier, take them only to second viewings on properties you like. Try and build excitement about their new bedroom. It can help if they’re able to visualise their belongings in the new settings. If you’ve chosen a house, it’s worth taking them to a third viewing. The more familiar your children are with the new house, the less of a shock the move will be when it happens. It’ll also help to get your kids interested in what’s happening.

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Closure is necessary for children. Before you move, give them an opportunity to say goodbye to your old street and house. Throwing a party so they can say goodbye to their friends may be a good idea too. Saying goodbye is the best way to get your children looking to the future without regret!


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