I’m The Mum Who

The lovely Eidilh over at mummy and monkeys tagged me in the meme I’m The Mum Who. I’ve seen quite a few of my favourite bloggers do this one and I’ve enjoyed reading it so was quite happy to be tagged. I’ve not done a meme in quite a while and since I’ve been quite quiet over the summer on the blog I thought why not start with this post to get me back in the swing of things so here goes…

I’m the mum who

Likes to think she is a laid back parent. 

  Likes watching my kids find their own adventures in the world around them. Some call it lazy parenting I call it skill development.

Likes an hour in the bath on a Saturday morning to help clear my head from the busy noise of the week.

Loves to bedshare with the kids. Especially as it means we all get more sleep.

  Misses being able to babywear so much. The school run just isn’t the same with a buggy.

  Who was surprised by a number 3 bump. But was equally happy that we get to do this one more time.

Misses a lie in.

Who wishes there was more time for me and Gav to spend together but also realises there is plenty of time for us too (once sleepless nights are done.

Who loves to hear Fizz reading to herself.

Who loves when Jedi Boy comes asking for a cuddle.

Who is buggy and bag mad….

I’m the mum who feels lucky to be adored by my husband and little people. 

I’d love to carry on the tag so I tag 

Hannah www.makedoandpush.com

Jenny www.greatnorthmum.com

Susanne www.ghostwritermummy.co.uk



  1. September 23, 2015 / 11:29 am

    Aaw love this! You’re a lovely mum chelle xx

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