Ideas On Getting Decent Family Photos

It can be difficult at times to get the whole family together in a picture (well, one that you’ll want to put into a frame), but once you’ve got that shot, you’ll have some lovely memories to cherish, that you can display on your living room wall with pride. Truprint sent us a few pounds to pick out some photos for their #MomentsThatMatter campaign and we selected a couple and wanted to share some tips on how to get the best photos. We always forget to print ours out but our resolution is to not fall behind on capturing those precious moments!

The Great Outdoors

If the weather’s sunny (we are still getting some winter sunshine even though it’s chilly!) try and remember to have your camera or camera phone at the ready. If it’s not around your neck (because you’re not a tourist in your own backyard), or in your pocket, put an easily seen container on the patio and leave the camera in there. That way, when an exciting game of cops and robbers breaks out, or someone’s mastered their first handstand, you’ll be able to grab the camera and start snapping. Activity and outdoor pictures are often the loveliest to l
ook back and reflect on, as they’re candid pieces of happy times. It’s also enjoyable to look back on pictures of the kids playing before they hit their teenage years and live on the Playstation in their bedroom.

The Beauty In Home Life

Again, it’s a smart plan to keep your phone or camera somewhere you remember and can access it with ease. Moments captured at home can often make the most meaningful memories as it’s the place everyone grew up and became who they are today. A family shot could be taken around the dinner table at a special occasion, or perhaps you eat Sunday lunch there every week, so you could take a few each year to make a photo timeline within an album or frame. If the family always end up sitting on the sofa, you could ensure everybody is dressed in their favourite outfits, to sit and have an “official” photo taken (by friends or family), then you’ll have something a bit fun and tongue-in-cheek to hang above the same sofa.

Hooray For Holidays

Getaways and holidays are always full of opportunities to take photos of the family when they’re at their happiest, so make sure you take advantage of all those smiles! Again, holidays make for a great timeline piece, especially if your family revisit places each year. Or perhaps you’re the people that travel far and wide, visiting new places each year; if so, you could buy a map and stick a photograph up, on every area you’ve visited, of you all in that location. You can make them as fun and cheesy as you like, if you’re in Mexico for example; wear Mexican hats (take advantage of the kids when they’re still little before they start cringing at your ideas). Check out Pinterest for some more creative family photo ideas.

Capture as many memories as you’re able to. We’re lucky enough to have smartphones now and with them comes the ability to take a photo in any situation.

Another thing to remember is that the best thing about digital photography is you get to edit the photographs before any are printed out, phew!



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