How You Can Land Your Dream Job

Networking advice to help you land your dream job…

Networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Meeting new people can be stressful in any circumstances, but this can be heightened when you’ve got your career to think about. The fact is that networking is a vital part of the world of work, and needs to be done correctly. 

It needn’t be terrifying, however. By keeping a few things in mind, you can enjoy networking and really make it work for you.

Meet people like you

This doesn’t mean those who like the same things as you, but people who are in the same business as you. Fellow professionals, or peers as they are sometimes called, attend specific networking functions. These are great to get started, as you can be sure you’ll have something to talk about.

People remember faces and personalities much more than CVs and references. Remember, though, at least at first, you’re not looking for any specific job opportunity. Pace yourself and remember why you came. 

Put yourself out there

As well as talking shop, make sure you offer help if you think someone would appreciate it. During conversation, listen out for any chance to offer your own expert help, or that of someone you know. Be gracious and offer your own time willingly, without asking for any payback.

This is a great way of following up on first meeting someone. It gives you a chance to showcase your life skills, and is likely to get you a good name in professional circles.

Make the most of social media

In professional networking, social media is the grease that keeps the machine working. Make sure every profile you have is up to date, and that you follow up any actual meeting with a friend request, on whatever network you can.

With Facebook becoming more and more important for business as well as pleasure, it is well worth using this ultimate networking tool to help your career. This is as well as LinkedIn and any other online community you are a part of. 

Find common interests

As well as formal networking events and social media, try and arrange to meet people in other social situations. While there can be dangers in mixing business with pleasure, in terms of networking, the more relaxed people are, the more they get to know you and you them. Especially when starting out, be open to the idea of meeting potential colleagues socially. 

Choose the right venue

There are plenty of ways to meet people in your network, both formally and informally. Obviously, you want somewhere people can hear themselves think, so don’t go to a gig. Likewise, pub crawls can sometimes be counterproductive. Ideally, you want somewhere in great surroundings with a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. 

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