How to separate two close events – Birthday Vs Christmas

When our little one was born near Christmas we didn’t really pass a thought we just rolled with Christmas rather than partaking. Being 10 days after Miss Fizz arriving and still in recovery from our c-section we kind of let Christmas flow by.

This year we needed more thought. There was a First Birthday to think about. How do we make sure that we keep it separate from Christmas? I wanted Miss Fizz to be able to distinguish birthday and Christmas rather then two days that flow into each other. Unfortunately Miss Fizz’ age means that she hadn’t quite grasped the birthday idea on her first birthday, fortunately we can learn for next year.

Gav and I discussed the idea of not putting up the Christmas tree until after Miss Fizz’s birthday, the concept of separate gifts and two very separate events. Was it ok to ask others to make sure of this too?

We have had a Christmas tradition for a few years. The 1st of December arrives and we put up the tree, order a Domino’s pizza, share mulled wine and listen to Christmas music. We wanted out little tradition to carry on and when little one woke up in the morning she barely noticed our efforts! But I think we both wondered whether it would mean she associates the two dates as one memory?

I spoke to some mammas of December babies and those that have December birthdays themselves. Those with December birthdays have always found it unfair that one present is spread between the two events ‘my boss’ birthday is on Christmas day she hates that everyone just gets her one present, rather than separate’ and ‘I’m a December baby and it used to really annoy me if people got me joint presents’. December mammas replied ‘we are planning to hold birthday parties in the summer and just do family gifts on birthday to avoid people doing that’. The only time it seems acceptable to buy a joint present would be a car….or a pony (@GlitterUnicorn – one day my friend, one day)

I think that next year Miss Fizz will be more aware of what her birthday means and what Christmas means. Both need to be set as important not a rolling into each other. If not we’ll set the time to explain more eloquently to her. Fizz will be more aware and I want her to know that her birthday will always be a special date and as she grows we’ll find separate birthday and Christmas traditions of our own as we grow as a family.

Maybe we’ll leave the Dominos and Mulled Wine til the 16th next year….


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  1. September 1, 2014 / 1:12 pm

    Read this with interest – our third is due on 11th December, so could be born anytime up until Christmas, and I am worried about having that distinction. We have always traditionally started our Xmas celebrations on the first weekend of December and I think somewhere down the line we may have to change that!

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