How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Wedding Season

Wedding season is now right around the corner, and typically falls in the spring and summer time. The air is fairer, the sun is out, and the days are longer, which means those church bells will soon be ringing day in, day out! Many people have different ways to prepare for the uptick in weddings, but if there’s one area that does need great amounts of attention, it’s the wardrobe! 

Consequently, here’s how to prepare your wardrobe for wedding season! 

Colour and Pattern Schemes

Because the weeding season occurs right around the time of spring and summer, certain design choices tend to be the most effective. For example, you’ll need to stay away from neutral, drab colours, and avoid anything that carries off a dull, ‘one note’ effect. Instead, why not go bolder? 

Floral dress designs are certainly winners here, as well as colours that pop on a smart blazer if you’re avoiding the flowery, casual approach. Electric blues, sharp greens, eye-catching reds; they all appeal and draw the eye and can certainly carry off the air of beauty without upstaging the bride. Remember which colours and patterns are associated with spring and summer, and work from there. 

A Good-Sized Bag

If you’re close with the married couple, then you should know that the wedding will likely be an all-day engagement for you. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll slip in and out, there’ll be the ceremony, after parties, and all of that stuff! Consequently, your wedding wardrobe should have an element of practicality as well as style!
Invest in a good-sized handbag to see you through the entire day. Here you can stash bottles of water, make up, cameras, tissues, tablets and any other supplements that you, or indeed the bride and groom, may need. In the end, with this addition to your outfit, you may just be able to contribute to the success of the weddings you attend in a small, but important, way! 

The Right Shoes

Everyone loves a good pair of shoes. However, it’s an undeniable fact that while some of them look nice, they’re a complete and utter nuisance to walk or even stand in. Whether they have overly tight straps or just an awkward heel, sometimes the desire to just go with something simpler takes over. 

For example, Damartex  offer a great range of comfy lady’s sandals that compliment a wedding setting very nicely. After all, not every wedding is an overly formal affair, and a spring and summer wedding can often have a bit of a looser, more casual feel of sorts. Pick up some comfy shoes you’re happy to spend the entire day in… some weddings do drag on!


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