How To Pack Light For A Family Trip This Half Term

More than 30% of families in the UK take holidays each year. For families of four and more, especially when the children are young, the thought of packing and carrying around the needed clothes and supplies for a trip is enough to keep us comfortably at home. Careful planning can lighten your load and save you money, making a family holiday much easier to manage.

Save Money, Time, and Hassle on Holiday

Finding the budget for a family vacation is no easy task. No doubt you’ve put in the work to find the best deal possible on every aspect of your trip fromwhere you are stayingto how you will be getting there and what you’ll be taking with you. Checked bag feesnow average £20 per bag.For a family of five, that’s an additional £100! On top of the money, there is the risk of the checked bags getting lost, the seemingly endless waiting at the baggage carousel, and the burden of dragging around big heavy suitcases on your holiday. Avoiding checked bags allows you to avoid all of that drama.

Rules for Cabin Luggage

Each ticketed passenger will typically be allowed two items: a main bag and a smaller personal item. British Airways allows the main bag to be a maximum of 56cm x 25cm x 45cm including handles and wheels weighing no more than 23 kgs. The smaller item, such as a laptop bag, handbag, or backpack, should be able to fit in the space under the seat in front of you. If you are traveling with an infant, BA allows one additional smaller item for all the necessary baby supplies.

How Many Suitcases to Bring

Each parent should have their own, packed with space left for small souvenirs. Whether or not your kids have their own or share depends on age and ability. If your child is older and can easily navigate a suitcase then she should have her own. With younger kids, sharing is ideal so long as you make sure each gets a turn moving it through the airport. (Tip!A suitcase with spinner wheelsis much easier to move around as it can be pushed or pulled without leaning.) Regardless of family size, limiting your load to four suitcases total is a must so that when kids tire out each parent can pull two and keep all suitcases moving merrily along.

Personal Items

Every member of the family should keep track of their belongings.Bright colours and designshelp you to keep track of your toddlers and preschoolers in a crowd, too. Rather than mama lugging around all the nappies, clothes changes, and snacks each child can have these items in their own personal bag along with a few small games, toys, or a tablet to keep them occupied.

Pack Like a Frequent Flyer

Toiletries can cause packing and carry-on problems. In order to save space and security screening headaches pack one family toiletry bag, in a clear plastic bag if required, and only bring absolute essentials. Hotels and resorts have lovely complimentary bathing products so plan to use them! If you need nappies, buy some at your destination rather than taking up space that could be used for clothes.

Make a list of clothing items needed and stick to it! Bear in mind that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear things several times over when on holiday. 4-5 outfits, outerwear, and 2 sets of PJs can be sufficient for a two week holiday. Shoes are space stealers so stick to two pairs per person. You can fit all of these items for two kids into one suitcase with the help of packing cubes. You can squeeze even more into your limited space byrolling rather than foldingeach clothing item.

You don’t want to be weighed down with cumbersome suitcases and hefty checked bag fees on your family holiday. Make it your mission to stick to cabin luggage only and you will save yourself money and hassle along the way. Pack like a pro and free yourself for more family fun. 


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