How To Make Your Living Room A Family Hangout Zone


If you want your living room to be an area where all your family spend time together, it’s important to make sure that everyone enjoys the room. Remember that when you’re all in there together, you don’t necessarily have to be doing the same thing – you could be reading on the couch while your kids do homework at the table, or you could be talking to your partner while your kids play floor with their toys. Make sure that the room has multiple purposes, with a zone for relaxing on the comfortable couches, a zone where your kids can play on the floor, and a zone that’s a little more formal where you can sit and play games or do work.

Invest In Technology

This is particularly important if you are a parent to a couple of recalcitrant teenagers: you need to have good technology to entice them downstairs to watch a movie with you. Go for surround sound so you get the full movie theatre experience, and fix a large TV screen on the wall. This isn’t just for your kids – you’ll enjoy it too! You could also start to replace all your light bulbs with energy efficient ones – this will be cheaper in the long run because you won’t have to replace them as much as they last longer.

Make It Cozy


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There’s very little that’s more unpleasant than trying to relax when it’s too cold to do so, so you need to make sure that your living room is nice and cozy. Invest in soft blankets to curl up under on the couch, and put a rug on the floor to keep the cold air out – just make sure that you secure it to the floor so no one ends up tripping over any errant corners. Check out fireplaces to see which ones would work for you and your family – wood burning fireplaces are often a little smoky and aren’t particularly safe with little kids, so an electric or gas fire might be the one that you end up going for. Make sure that there are no draughts from the doors and windows – replace your single glazed windows with double glazing, and make sure that you open the curtains every morning to let the sunlight stream in and heat the room up naturally.

Organize Family Time


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Is organized fun still fun? Let’s not get all Monica Geller about this, but the answer to that question is: absolutely, yes. Sometimes if you don’t arrange to spend time together, it never actually ends up happening, so every now and then you need to make sure that you corral your family together to play a board game at the table, or watch a movie all together. Make sure that you’ve turned your room into a comfortable movie watching zone by creating pillow and blanket forts, and providing snacks like popcorn and cups of hot chocolate. You have to arrange to see your friends, so why not set aside time to spend with your family as well?


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