How To Encourage Your Child To Sleep In Their Own Bed

With all 3 children we found a pattern of sleep. Co-sleeping has worked on and off for us over the years but as our littlest and last baby is about to turn 2 we are often asking searching for clues on how to encourage your child to sleep in their own bed.

There seem to be quite a few tips that hold familiar ground with many parents so I thought we would share them here.  On the other hand if your child is having problems with getting to sleep in general, make sure to visit this ultimate guide to sleep disorders from Parenting Pod

Decorate their room.

As our kids get older a themed nursery is obviously outdated. Why not try a neutral colouring and then add in artwork. We have a beau teal magnolia on the walls, a black blind and then each of the boys have their favourite superheroes on the wall. Currently it Dr Who, Yellow Submarine and Spider-Man – we just couldn’t get away with all of that in a themed room!

Look at a big focal piece. 

lI love looking at these children’s themed beds. Themed beds mean each of the boys get something unique to them. I also thought about a lovely cabin bed so they could have a den as they get older too. You want to spend on a decent bed (believe me we did the cheaper route and they don’t last with all the toddler running around). I love this double decker bus as it’s not a character piece and is so unique!

Don’t forget a night light! 

This may sound simple but a new bedroom and new things mean your child may be a bit out of sorts. A night light shows them there is nothing to be afraid of and so will give them an element of calm.

If you want your child to be comfortable in their room then they need access when they want it. It’s really important that they grown their sense of ownership. Both my boys have some part of the day in their room with independent play. I come when they call me but let them know that their room is a place for them. It should be a sanctuary just like my bedroom feels.

Your bedtime routine may take a bit longer if you’ve recently made room changes too. Instead of going to another room before or after bedtime start a routine in their room. Undress in there for bath time, dress in there for bed, get dressed for the day on their room. All easy ways that they know that this is their room and they should feel comfortable in there.

Lastly it’s really important to be consistent with your bedtime message. PJs, story and bed is usually the regular routine every parent shares but we’ve also be this lovely lavender added foot roller ball from Mummy Loves ( to encourage natural sleep with natural products and also the promise of it scaring any night imps away!

If you’ve got any tips on settling children in their own room I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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