How I Organise My Week

As a busy mum of three I always have to grab a notebook and organise the week in advance. With work, a blog, school runs and a  nursery drop off and pick up to do as well as the usual after school activities I need to make sure that nothing is forgotten and that I am not overwhelmed. Mapping out the week helps me to do that. Here are a few ways I organise my week:
Make a meal planner.
With 1 fussy eater and 2 hungry boys as well as us grown ups needing to eat I have to plan out the meals for the week. the kids like the structure of knowing what they’re having and it also gives me the shopping list for the week so I don’t over spend.
Set times for work projects.
I set times for my working day and then list around those times. This helps me keep on track with work and the blog, provides a check list which always feels satisfying when ticking off too! It also stops me from logging into social media and procrastinating!
Make sure that clients are happy!
I only work Monday to Wednesday so I need to ensure that my clients work is completed  during those working hours and also that they are happy. I do check my email outside of those times but also set boundaries with contact during my off days too.
Make sure you’re happy!
Each day I try and do something for me. Whether it is reading a book for ten minutes or sitting out on the balcony supping a cuppa. I’ve started doing this before and after work so that I start and finish with something for me. Ten minutes is all it takes. Journal and grab hold of feelings/surroundings/balance.
Plan some fun!
I know for some planning their weekends doesn’t feel very fun but it helps me switch off and concentrate on family time. Fizz has a journal that she is constantly writing in and I’ve suggested we make some lists for the summer holiday so that we can plan out lots of things she’d like to do. I also find that it is good for her mental health to switch off the constant pull of you tube kids.
So how do you organise your time? Let me know if you have any tips!

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