Hottest decor trends for your home this winter

Decorating your home this winter can be festive, exciting and fun! From small things like pillows to big changes like installing a fireplace, we have some of the hottest décor trends for your home this winter listed below.


Get crafty with some DIY decorations

Create your own garlands this winter for a festive touch. DIY pinecone garlands look rustic and pretty. Dried orange slices or strings of popcorn and cranberries make vintage-looking garlands that are whimsical in style. Even traditional garlands that you can buy in-store are great for decoration too, so if you don’t want to make your own, you can still take part in some garland decorating fun!

Having a winter centerpiece can bring everything together. suggests having an amaryllis and candle centerpiece or a vegetable centerpiece with carrots, potatoes, turnips and more. Another great centerpiece idea to consider is an arrangement of winter flowers. Winter tulips, heather and pansies make for a great festive arrangement! Or simply make your own and browse through some flower shops to make an arrangement to suit your creative needs. 


You can make your own winter candles with winter aromas! Melt some wax, add a pigment of your choice, as well as the perfect fragrance oils for winter like peppermint, spearmint, apple cinnamon, oak and black cherry, and mix and pour the solution into a mould for a perfect winter candle. You can even get quirky scents to add to your candles like gingerbread man and sugar cookies. The mould you choose can also be festive – moulds of Christmas trees and owls can be found on sale here. 

If you have children you can always create some winter artwork that you can put on your walls or fridge. Arts and crafts are a great way to have fun, keep the kids entertained, and decorate your home all at once! Some craft ideas include making paper snowflakes, paper roll snowmen and egg carton penguins. Browse online for more art and craft ideas you can do with kids to make your home festive and warm!

Change up your colour combinations

Consider changing your living room colours to white. Having accent pieces in a white room can really add that extra bit of fun – royal blue pillows or cranberry red pillows on a white couch can really bring out a festive feeling. Having silver or glitter decals like snowflakes on white walls can also create a winter atmosphere perfect for the whole family to enjoy. 

Buying a white rug or switching to white carpet for the winter can create an illusion of snow in your living room – nothing is better than a soft floor to walk on in winter mornings! A faux fur throw can also simulate this cosy feeling and would be great on a cold night – add some candles to make this scene magical and complete.

DIY mason jar lights against a white backdrop is also an idea that spreads the feeling of winter magic. Create a string of mason jars or put a few on some shelves and see your home illuminate this winter.

Install a fireplace

Nothing screams winter comfort more than seeing a fireplace in a cosy living room setting.

Fireplaces can be expensive to install, and some vintage ones need a chimney to work correctly. Making sure you communicate with specialists is important if you are thinking about a fireplace or chimney. Certain Yorkshire roofing services specialise in providing chimney repairs and installation – but remember to go with a company you trust as poor construction can be dangerous and end up costing your hundreds to fix.

Go rustic

Wooden décor always returns as a trend, especially during winter.

Reminiscent of log cabins, wooden decorations in your home can create the same rustic feeling we all crave in winter. 

You can buy wooden lamps, chairs, lampshades and more – a room full of wooden décor is a perfect coordinated theme this winter.

You can even go modern with curved seating and sculptural floor lamps – as long as they are wooden or fit in with the theme, you shouldn’t go wrong!

Make your garden into your own winter wonderland 

Purchasing an archway decorated with ivy, or having porch swings with some fairy lights or mason jars on your fence, can really make your garden winter-ready.

You can even go the extra mile and plant your own winter flowers in your garden and even purchase a fake snow machine if you just can’t wait any longer for the real thing!

A little campsite set-up is another charming idea for people that love the outside atmosphere in winter. Snuggle up to a fire in your garden and roast some marshmallows with friends and family for a great winter activity.

Make the most of this winter and get your creative juices flowing! Just follow some of these ideas and you’ll have that magical winter feeling in no time.

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