Home improvement trend predictions for 2019

Let’s face it: winter isn’t the time for redecorating, refurbishing or altering the interior of the home. Aside from moving a few things around to accommodate the Christmas tree for several weeks in December, you are largely limited to making plans and picking a time to put them in place.

Here are several trends you’ll see as people get started on their home improvements in 2019.

Velvet furnishings

Still considered shabby not too long ago, all it took was a little dressing-up of classic velvet furniture to create a new trend – shabby-chic. You could act on what the London Evening Standard calls the number 1 trend for 2019 if you make the most of rich textures by superimposing them over plain, plastered walls and minimalist, concrete floors.  

However, as velvet is synonymous with a range of other classic trends, you can also combine your new, soft furnishings with different patterns, textures and designs as you breathe new life into your living room and bedrooms next year.

Copper kitchens

Like jewellery for the cooking area, copper fittings and light fixtures will augment many a modern kitchen space and appliance in 2019. Where rose gold left off (although that will certainly hang around next year, too), copper has picked up and added a rustic charm. 

Enhance your copper fixtures and appliances with copper and copper-look wall panels, and add dark wood furniture and golden accents, for a kitchen rich with natural colour.

Geometric bathrooms

The beauty of geometric design is that you can make it anything you want it to be. In the bathroom, interlinked blocks of deep sea blue give the space a Mediterranean feel, while blacks and whites immediately direct your decor towards Deco.

If you are designing a new bathroom for next year, geometric design is a trend that can be suited to every taste. Take a look at Italian Bark’s highlights of geometric designs for the home and find the sort of tessellation that tantalises you.

Attic study spaces

According to The HR Director, over 4 million people in the UK now work from home. With this trend certain to impact home improvements, the next major project in your home could be to transform your attic into a practical workspace. 

Also ideal as a study area for the student, these attic spaces are where entrepreneurs all over the country are running successful, digital businesses. If you run such a company in North East England’s leading city, don’t underestimate how roofing contractors in Newcastle could help you to transform your attic space into a hub of learning and business activity. 

Organic modernism

A trend that could work its way into any room during your next redesign, organic modernism is the amalgamation of classic and natural wooden pieces of furniture with minimalist design and finishes.

Perfect for the built-in wardrobes of your new bedroom and the integrated appliances of your new kitchen, this is also a look that works for studies and living rooms. If you choose to dramatically alter more than one room in your home during 2019, be sure to consider organic modernism for at least 50% of your home improvements.


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