Helping My Son With His School Transition

In September my middle child Jedi will start school. He turned 4 in September so he is still quite little and having just been discharged from speech therapy he is probably the one I feel more of a worry about.

Towards the end of last term we found out that his pre-school teacher is moving up with him and I found that to be a bit of a relief. He loves his routine and so this will help him with all the changes.

So what little ways am I helping him with his transition?

I talked to him about his new class and make sure that he understand the name of his class and who is teacher is. Making him aware of these changes early on should help him understand by giving him the time to process it. We have talked about wearing school uniform.

Let him choose a new school bag and start using it now. Having ownership over it from day one is important. We let hm pack and carry his bag and explain what will go in it come September. He chose this lovely Bailey Bat bag from skip hop as it has enough space for his PE kit, books and spare clothes. We like that it has a bottle holder on it too. It’s a unique look.

Get him confident with a pen and paper. We always have crafty stuff around but I know that the reception year learn so much so we have some special books aimed at pen holding and name writing. As he is a younger member of the class we want to make sure that even of some of his class are ahead of him he is trying to write his name and getting used to using his motor skills – lego building is also good for this!

One last thing I am making sure to do is spend time with him. We made the decision to keep Beatlebum in nursery this summer as I have to keep all eyes on him. I wanted this summer to be full of adventure and boosting Jedi’s confidence too. School with have lots going on for him and I am sure that the memories of this summer will be ones that he will remember in years to come so adventure, fun and loads of laughs is as important as making sure he is ready to start school next month.


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