Helping Your Child Understand And Accept They Need A Retainer

As a child, especially a young teenager, image is everything to you. Your child likely wants to seem cool among their friends. We can all remember that feeling during middle or high school, that feeling of wanting to fit in, and either being successful or not so during our formative years. Kids, right? Little do they know within a few years all of that will slip away in the hunt for a career and to make their stamp on the world.

During childhood is usually when many interesting health problems start to appear. You no doubt had your fair share of them. It’s just part of being a child – snotty, awkward, and constantly worried about the fact that you’ll come across as being snotty or awkward. It really is a very funny situation when you think of it.

It’s likely your child is going to need to wear braces or a retainer at some point during their childhood. It’s rare that every child will get away with never needing one, only the most blessed among us can sport rows of teeth that would make the tooth fairy deeply desire to get her hands on them one day. It’s likely that your dentist has informed you of the benefits, requirements and needs for your child to have braces, but it’s unlikely that your child has fully grasped the positive implications of doing so. All they’ll be thinking is ‘I don’t want to look like a monster!’

A professional firm like Trilliant Dentistry is likely to inform your child of everything they need to know to mitigate the anxiety the child fields before donning them. Here’s what you can tell them to add to this:

Show Them The Benefits

The benefits of wearing braces are innumerable. If they weren’t, it’s likely dentists wouldn’t bother to recommend them. It’s not as if there’s a global grand conspiracy among dentists to separate you from your money by fixing your child’s teeth at an early age. Teach your child the benefits, over and over again, to help them realize why they have to wear them in the first place. If that doesnt work you could always incentivise your teenager by adding to weekly pocket money to wear them!

Get Cool Colors

They’re kids, right? Cool colors still mean something to them. Ask them for the color they’d most like but make sure to avoid ‘flesh’ like colors if possible. Having deep red braces that mimic the color of their gums will simply look strange.

Make Light of The Braces

Even if it’s a sensitive topic for the most image-conscious child,  it’s important to make light of the whole situation. Don’t be afraid to joke with them about how silly they look, in a buddy-buddy kind of way. It’s important to know they can make light of it too. So long as they know you’re just joking, they’re likely to take it less seriously themselves. Use your best judgment here.

Remind Them They’re Temporary

Braces are temporary. If we all suddenly had to wear them for the rest of our lives, it’s likely that population growth would sharply plummet. Let them know exactly when they can expect to have them taken off, and they’re likely to see them in more of a temporary light.

Kids braces are great for the child but sometimes terrible for their confidence. Just remind them that when they have great teeth that will one day give them a winning smile, it’s important to have the issues fixed now while they still can be. Braces are temporary. Wonky smiles last forever.



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