Having A Blog Redesign Ready For 2018?

Towards the end of this year I am starting to think about how I can develop and design my blog ready for 2018. There are a few things you can change that will give your blog a new lease of life.

So what can you do to help you feel raring to go for 2018 rather than stuck in a rut?

Branding your blog with a new logo and social media buttons.

I have been using Logojoy to create a logo which makes my site look more professional. My current header is now dated as the boys are now toddlers and Fizz is nearly as tall as me.

I’m opting for a simpler logo rather than a header so that the design will be classic and timeless this time. Rebranding is always a great idea and it helps you process what your blog is about and how you want to come across.

Consider your blog theme.

Now is also a good time to think about if your blog theme is working well. Is it too busy or does it function how you need it. I love have my instagram account showing at the bottom as I find visual story telling is really important to capture readers. This is also the reason that I like a featured image for each post as well.

Revamp your social channels.

When you are looking at your blog update you also need to look at how social media is working for you.  Are you using them to your best capacity. Will social media I have decided to concentrate on just two platforms going forward. Facebook and Instagram are my favourite ones to use and I am part of lots of community groups that share each others content as well as just for general support. Like I said the visual works for me so I have opted to concentrate my efforts into two platforms rather than  water my time down for more.

Are you intending having a blog revamp before the new year?


I was given access to Logojoy in exchange for this blog.


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