Have you had a happy day?

This week I have really been tested. With so many projects on the go this had to be the week where our little one was sent home from nursery with conjunctivitis and a chest infection. Already feeling like bad parents for not realising that it wasn’t just sleep in her eyes or just the usual teething cold myself and hubby got to see what stay at home parent life is like again.

Fizz was ill but hyperactic, two stressy parents with work to do too really did not help but later in the week I had the sense to stop everything and be a child again.

I watched This Morning who were doing a feel good section involving laughing therapy and Diva Dancing. It looked fab! So with baby wanting to shake her maracas we ran into her bedroom, danced around on the futon making loads of noise and jumping around finally giggling with an average age of ohhh 17 months fell onto a bed for cuddles. It was the most fun I have had in ages. I embraced motherhood again and vow not to be such a work junkie in the future.

So how do you stay silly/fun? How do you balance? Let me know as for me the jumping up and down and tickles with my daughter continue to ground me when I seem to be floating away!


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