Have You Been Smart With Your Baby’s Stem Cells?

Do you know much about Stem Cells and why they are important? I have to admit that I hadn’t realised how much of a benefit the cells in my child’s cord could be. The feeling that my child could help so so many people with something that would normally be put aside is amazing to me!

Stem cells can restore tissue and repair organs! Did you know that you can choose for stem cell tissues to be taken away from your and your baby’s umbilical cord after the safe delivery of your baby. They are then stored for use later on. Stem Cells can be used for so so much including generating a new bone marrow and even used in the fight against Leukaemia and there are  many other research projects going on to see how stem cells can be used for other illnesses too.

This video from Smart Cells and NetMums can tell you so much more about the extra magic we hold when our baby is born.

When you go to your booking appointment or have the next appointment with your primary caregiver why not ask about cord banking and if it’s an option for you or your baby. You’ll then be able to order your storage kit online ready for your delivery team to collect and store the important cord cells. Previously to collecting these kind of cells the main way of collecting was through bone marrow. However it has been found that this is a great way to collect cells and with a booming baby population this is an easy and tpainfree way of collecting. Please do consider it during your pregnancy.

This is a collaborate post with NetMums.


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