Halloween Decor Ideas

Looking to decorate your house this halloween? These easy DIY decor ideas are fun to make and suitable for all ages! Happy Halloween!

Derelict Decor

Create an eerie atmosphere by covering items of furniture with large white sheets. Take it one step further by draping mirrors with cheesecloth to give the effect of spider webs. Any empty candle stick holders look great with twigs from the garden sticking out! The draped sheets give the impression of a haunted house, whilst the cheesecloth and twigs add to the creepy look.

Dress the Front Door 

Make yourself a wreath to dress your front door to scare the trick or treaters! You can easily make one yourself by taking a paper plate and cutting out the centre circle. Take the various colours of tissue paper that you’re wanting to use (try halloween colours, such as black or orange) and cut them into small squares. Put a small amount of glue on each square before sticking the squares down onto the wreath. You can even make small spiders or pumpkins out of coloured card and stick them over the tissue paper base!

Hovering candles 

Create an eerie atmosphere by painting or covering cardboard rolls with white paint or paper. Make a small hole at the back of the roll and tie a piece of transparent twine through the back. Either stick a coloured piece of paper at the top of the roll to create the effect of a flame. Alternatively, affix battery-operated tealights to the top of cardboard roll to make a more realistic floating candle. Hang the candle from the ceiling using the attached twine. Stand back and take a look at your creepy hovering candles!

Pumpkin Tealights

Make your pumpkin last all year round by making these easy DIY pumpkin tealights. Cover jam jars with orange tissue paper and cellotape around the jar. Either stick or colour in the pumpkin’s black eyes and mouth. Place a small lit tealight inside the jar and watch your pumpkin glow orange! Be sure to neatly cut around the tissue paper at the top of the jar to prevent any accidents.

Flying Bats

Buy some black card and use a pencil to draw different sized bats onto the card. Cut these out and stick to your walls with blue tack. You could even attach twine to the bats and dangle them from the ceiling to make it look like they’re flying! You could decorate your bats further by adding some sparkling glitter or small green eyes.

Terrifying hand prints

Try out some easy-to-make bloody handprints to scare your neighbours! You can use them on the floor, the mirrors or on your windows! You will need craft glue, red food colouring, blue food colouring, cling film, wax paper, a cutting board and tape. To start, wrap the plastic wrap around the cutting board so that the surface is smooth. Secure the wrap with tape at the back side. Pour the craft glue into a small bowl and add a single drop of blue food colouring. Stir well, then add the red colouring one drop at a time. When the mixture reaches your desired ‘blood’ colour, cover your hand in craft glue. Press it down on the plastic wrap as many times as you can. Set these aside to dry. Later, apply the fake blood by covering your hand in the red mixture. Press this onto the dried plain craft glue prints. Allow the glue to dry before carefully peeling the plastic wrap off the prints. Store these between sheets of wax paper until you’re ready to stick them around your house! Wear gloves if you don’t want to stain your hands – and cover your work station with newspaper!


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