Guest Post: Transitioning To A Healthy Change To My Life

This is a guest post from a friend of mine who has been smoking for over 15 years. I am all for one to look towards healthier lifestyle changes and that covers everything from fitness to diet and incorporating self care and wellness into our daily lives. So here is why my friend is quitting cigarettes and making the switch towards vaping and then giving up smoking.

Why I am making the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

I decided to make the switch to VIP e-cigs mainly due to the rising cost, a holiday to Europe, where smoking is considerably cheaper I realised quite how much I was spending on cigarettes here in the UK, unfortunately circumstances dictate that I cannot move to Greece so I have to quit!

I’ve tried various nicotine replacement stuff over the years but nothing has worked, I think this is mainly due to not having the ‘feel’ and taste of a ciggie, also smoking is a good way to take a break from work! Vaping or an e-cigarette seemed like the best option as I’d get all of the above, without a lot of the harmful cigarettes in a ‘proper’ fag.

What were my first Impressions?

Checked the post box today and found my new starter e-cigarette pack, first impressions are very good! It’s fairly lightweight and looks like quite like a real ciggie, opened the packaging, checked the instructions and took a drag… It’s great, it actually tastes real, very excited about using this in the future!

How I am finding the difference a few days in..

It’s been a few days and things are going ok… I’m not ready to break the habit fully yet and have been carrying a pack of 10 in my handbag… Keep forgetting I have the e-cig so I’ve had 3 real ciggies today and a few drags of the e-cig.  The e-cig is really good and I have found I don’t need to have anywhere a whole cigarettes worth of drags to get that murderous ‘must have nicotine’ feeling to diminish.  Today has been an incredibly stressful day at work and I’ve found that the brand that I am using is as good, if not better than the real thing.



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