Goal Searching for 2019

Towards the end of the year I always start to think about my goals for the following year and how I want to expand the knowledge I already have. I have already been thinking about the goals I want to achieve next year.


A big part of this is to look into online learning that I can fit around life and work. As a parent it’s essential to find accessible routes to make sure I can stay on track should something come up. One of the great things I did last year was do an access to life coaching course, off the back off this I have looked at doing follow up courses Certified NLP Training I know that I want to reach further to see if this avenue is for me. I really enjoyed the few short additional life coaching courses i have signed up to so far so want something more in depth this time.

Towards the end of this year writing has been a saviour for me. I have started to journal again, switching off the social media to concentrate on self care and home life. It has been a great way to get everything down and start to achieve the things I want in everyday life too.

I started a new role and work in an actual place of work three times a week. I was at a crossroads with my freelance planning and going into the office has given me new found passion for writing and how I want my freelance work to develop. Part of that was to start to share the load and make this blog into a community. There are now a community of writers from many walks of life. Our idea is to make this into your online magazine, where you can find help, support but also real life and natural stories of those also in the motherhood haze.

My online time will be significantly less at the end of this this year so I am hoping to read more. I have subscribed to Kindle Unlimited as for £7.99 a month you can loan an unlimited amount of books. You can also look at their £1 selection too if you don’t think you’ll be able to get through too many. You don’t have to have a kindle either – a smart phone or a tablet will be able to download their designated app.

One last goal I have is to take my family on holiday. By expanding all of the above and rejigging my work life it can also bring financial certainty. Fizz is desperate to go on holiday and I would love to finally be able to take the kids away!

What are you adding to your goals this year?



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  1. October 28, 2018 / 10:34 pm

    Love what this blog is turning into. Can’t wait to read more. And yes, I also love to set goals for the year and review how I got on with my previous goals. I love to pick a word for the year. But no idea for 2019 yet

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