Go Luxe This Winter! How To Add Elegance To Your Home


Go For Quality

The number one thing you have to remember if you want to upgrade your home is that you need to make sure that you prioritise luxury. The key to true elegance is a few pieces that are high quality, rather than a lot of pieces of lower quality. If you love art, then why not select a beautiful piece for your living room so that you can enjoy it when you’re spending time in there in the evenings? If you want to update your linens upstairs, then go for sheets with a high thread count and soft towels that you’re planning to take good care of. Remember that you’re worth the extra expense.

Change Your Lighting

Is there anything more off-putting and less atmospheric than a glaring white light? If you’re having that problem in various parts of your house then it’s time to invest in new lampshades or even new stand up lights. Admittedly you need good light in your kitchen so you don’t end up chopping off a finger, and in your bathroom so you don’t go out looking like a bright orange Oompa Loompa, but go for soft coppery lampshades in your living room and bedroom that cast a warm light. If you want to make your home look really expensive and glamorous, go for a chandelier – check out the Chandelier Group for ideas.

Choose A Room To Renovate

If you want to make a really big change, then why not pick a room to renovate? Generally people go for the kitchen or the bathroom, but you could also turn your attic or your basement into a real room where you could spend some good quality time. You could also extend one of your rooms – for instance, maybe you’d like to have a larger dining table so you can invite guests over more easily. Whatever you decide on, make sure that your whole family is happy with it, and prepare yourself for a few weeks of commotion and dust in your home.

Update Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be your zen paradise, the most relaxing room in your home and the place where you can take a deep breath and finally chill out after a long day of work, whether that’s in the office or endlessly picking up after your kids. If you’re having problems sleeping, chances are your bedroom’s preventing you from doing so. Make sure that the surfaces are clean and full of clutter and that there aren’t any lights on in your room. Keep your phone outside, and turn off your TV at the wall instead of leaving it on standby. Finally try investing in some blackout blinds to make sure that the streetlight outside or the dawn in the morning aren’t keeping you awake.

Choose Comfort

The most luxurious feeling in the world is absolute comfort. No matter how beautiful a couch is, there’s no point in it unless you get that heavenly feeling of relaxation when you sink into it. Get a soft sheepskin rug to press your toes into and a warm furry throw to put over the couch. Real luxury is all about how you feel.


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