Glam Up Your Home With Inspiration From Deluxe Hotels

There is nothing better than spending the night in a luxury 5-star hotel. Imagine if you could make your own home feel that glam and exclusive! Well, you will be very happy to hear that it is entirely possible. You just need to take some inspiration from your favourite posh hotels. Here are some design and style tips that should help you transform your standard home into a very deluxe property indeed!

Think About Personalisation

If you have ever stayed in a fancy hotel, you will notice that lots of their amenities are personalised with their brand. For example, they may have their own bottles of water in the mini fridge, or they might have the hotel name carefully stitched onto towels and dressing gowns. So, why not think about personalising your decor? Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to come up with your own logo! You can personalise your interiors in a different way. Some good ideas include hanging your children’s art and using family photos in the decor.

From Bathroom To Wet Room

Hotels all have brilliant bathrooms. As a matter of fact, whenever I stay in one, I often come home with bathroom envy! One way you can pimp out your bathroom is to contact some wet room fitters to convert yours into a luxurious wet room. These cool rooms are a great bathroom option as they are easily accessible to the elderly and disabled, and they will also increase the value of your property.

It’s All About The Lobby

Don’t think of your entrance hall as just a hall – think of it as a lobby! And then design it like a glitzy hotel lobby. That way, you will wow the socks off all who visit you at home. Lots of people make an impression of someone’s home once they are in the entrance, before they have even made their way to a room. And, as first impressions count, it is super important to make sure that your house’s lobby packs a punch!

Neat And Tidy Is The Key

If you ever found a hotel room left unclean and messy, you would definitely go back down to reception and demand a refund! So, it’s important to make sure that your home is always neat and tidy. That way, it will exude the class and sophistication that all 5-star hotels do. If you find that you struggle to keep on top of all your clutter, it might be worth investing in some new storage units.

The Devil Is In The Details

Hotels love to spoil their guests with some really well-thought out details in the design of their rooms. One great example is the fogless mirrors which appear in many high-end hotels. Or how about some very comfortable underfloor heating? Adding all these small touches will certainly make a big difference!


So, next time you need to decorate a room, stop for a minute and ask yourself how you could make it more hotel-like. You will be impressed by the results!


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