Give Your Office A Spring Clean

With spring in the air, I’m one of those people who find themselves noticing the office space I inhabit – and get an itch to make it just a little more bearable. Those layers of dust start to get annoying, grime starts to become infuriating and some of the muckier parts of the office are almost crying out for full on industrial cleaning with a company like Real Cleaning.

The public sector being what it is though we simply have to fend for ourselves – like most offices I’ve been in, materials for cleaning aren’t in plentiful supply (stationary orders have a tendency to neglect cleaning essentials ). In my case I’m actually moving to a new location too so I’ll be cleaning the desk I leave then will probably have to sort the one I move to…

However, while I’m no budding Mrs Hinch(!) there are some very simple steps I’m going to begin to adopt from now on to ensure that my new environment will be a pleasant one. Here’s my advice:

  • Be clear desk. If your office doesn’t already have a clear desk policy, incorporate it into your thinking. When you leave each night have only the bare minimum out. These days that should only be the IT equipment and phone – no more trays and piles of stationary! Plus, it’s harder to hide the dust and grime that can build up if they’re not obscured!
  • What isn’t needed can go. If you’re anything like me you’ll still have documents and charts in draws from years back just cluttering up space and making tidiness impossible. Let them go!
  • Invest in some essentials – some cheap cloths and dusters. It likely won’t get bought for you but won’t cost much and will be well worth it. Also, try experimenting with making your own cleaning materials – for example you can make a cheap but effective multi purpose cleaner with just wome baking soda, white vinegar and a lemon. Do a quick search online and make the experience fun!
  • Get in the habit of REGULARLY cleaning. Make it at least a weekly thing to wipe down your phone, your mouse (especially underneath – the dirt and bacteria that collects under there can be monstrous!), if you eat lunch at your desk give the keyboard a good upside down shake before wiping, your phone etc. The best way to not let things build up is to make cleaning routine.

Follow these simple steps and the difference to your working day will be noticeable straight away.


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