Getting Scooter Confident with Scootaheadz 

Now that Jedi is nearing 2.5 years old the next step is to get him moving from a buggy to getting moving out and about without having to be strapped in. For his second birthday we bought him a scooter and we have spent some time trying to get him confident with using it inside before we attempt to make any transition outside. 

One of the ways we have done this is to give him some ownership of his scooter. We have got him a little bag to attach to the front to hold a drink or special treasures. Scootaheadz offered to send us their Surfing Sammy which obviously fits in with us living near the sea. Surfing Sammy is £14.99. It’s easy to pop onto the scooter (I steamed it so the head was easy to slit on).

Giving ownership of his own scooter is a step towards making Jedi feel more independent. We’ve been to the park but he’s yet to actually step on the scooter. Instead he pushes it around and I’m happy that he’s going at his own pace.

How are you encouraging your child to be more independent? 


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