Get Your Feet Ready For Spring

Spring will be here in a flash of the eye and I for one am looking forward to feeling the warmth on my feet by switching boots to sandals. A lot of us will have neglected our feet a bit over the colder months and they’re probably a bit worse for wear. Cracked heels and unpainted toes will need a bit of TLC to get them looking their best. If you don’t have time to head to your nearest treatment rooms, or prefer to look after your feet yourself, then a home pedicure is a great way to regularly look after your feet.

I love a home pedicure and it’s a sure fire way to feel fab quickly! It’s so easy to set up and do and I’m trying to schedule it in once a day to make sure my toes are ready for flip flops this spring/summer.

So what do you need to get started?

If you haven’t got yourself a foot spa then now might be the time to invest in one. You will want to keep the temperature warm – but not too hot. Set the mood to relax, and maybe check out a meditation video on you tubeso you can combine into your time.

If you haven’t got a spa then a bowl of warm water with a few bubbles in will be just fine. You’ll also need:

A pumice stone

Cuticle remover

Your favourite nail varnish

Nail file

What do I do next?

Clean your feet with a warm damp flannel and remove any old nail varnish

You will need to grab a book and let your feet soften in the water for up to 20 minutes.

When they are soft grab your pumice stone to remove any hard skin

Wipe clean with a warm flannel and then rub in your favourite cream or oil.

Cut your nails straight and then tidy up by filing the nails to a rounded shape and paint with your favourite colour. Pastels are fab for spring so what about a yellow or turquoise colour. Very spring!

Add a bit of sparkle! The sun will catch the glimmers and shimmer in the sunshine.

And there you have it – perfect toes ready to show off in your favourite sandals or shoes from Uppersole shoes! They have a lovely glitzy selection up at the moment!

This video is fab if you want to set up a home spa to give your toes a treat! There is any reason why you cant have a pamper at home. If you have children then wait until they are in bed or get your partner to take them out for lunch while you soak your feet. Grab a book while they soak too. Bliss!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this into into how to give your self a home pedicure! If you are pregnant do seek advice as some pedicures may not be suitable! Maybe give your partner a sneaky hint that they can do this  by sharing this blog too!



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