How To Get Your House Ready For Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone loves the festive season, but it can take time to get everything in order before December 25th arrives. There are various ways that you can use to help enhance Christmas spirit during this magical time of year. Check out our tips below and you too can transform your home into a winter wonderland!

Start The Countdown!

We found these lovely Christmas calendars for the kids and these are ideal to have on the wall to countdown to the big day. Fizz has already hung hers on her bedroom wall – she’s keen!

I love the fact they can be personalised with a message to make them unique to each child. There are little tasks to do each day, songs to sing. Lots of fun every day to get you into the Christmas spirit!

Put the tree and other winter decorations up

A key part of Christmas preparation is putting up the tree and other festive decorations; including stockings, nativity sets and scented candles. In fact, why not go the whole hog and play some jolly Christmas songs whilst decorating your home in a bid to raise everyone’s festive spirit even further!

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can’t beat that sensational feeling when you see the glistening tinsel sparkling against the Christmas tree lights – this is when you know that you are almost ready for another magical festive season.

And if that’s not enough, you can make your house look like Santa’s grotto without even entering through the door. By placing some sparkling lights around the windows and a wreath on the front door, you will immediately capture the essence of the festive period – and passers-by will turn and admire your beautiful Christmas décor.

Buy a new bed and festive bedding

A good night’s sleep in the run-up to Christmas is essential to guarantee you are refreshed and energised for December 25th. In fact, you could invest in a new bed and keep your old, cheap bed for family and friends who may travel to visit during the festive season. Whilst you are saving up for Christmas, the fabulous deals available can ensure that you have extra cash to purchase presents for your loved ones.

Since you’re buying a new bed, why not go the extra mile and purchase some Christmassy bedcovers and pillow cases? It will help to add a more festive feel to the house and it may help to enhance the excitement on Christmas morning. After all, the winter holidays are a time for celebration and enjoyment so why shouldn’t you treat yourself to a fun, festive item or two this year?

Cook festive-themed foods

It could be argued that food is THE most important element of this special season – and it is vital that you are fully stocked up before the Christmas rush begins. In fact, there are some foods that simply have to be consumed every year – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them!

In the run up to December 25th, mince pies will fly off the shelves in most supermarkets so it might be more prudent to bake your own. With plenty of tasty recipes available online and in many cookbooks, there is no excuse. Whilst it requires additional effort, you and your guests will taste the difference – and you can’t beat getting hands on with the Christmas spices.


Furthermore, Christmas-themed cookies are extremely popular and they are very easy to make – you can even ask your younger guests to join in with the decoration. Going the extra mile to cater for your visitors will ensure that you are in Santa’s good books this year – and you could be set for some brilliant presents!



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