Fun Ways You Can Spend Your “Me Time”

As a mum, we often don’t have much time to ourselves. Even using a solo trip to the toilet as a chance to be on our own, can anyone else relate? But we hear more and more about the importance of mothers having some time to themselves to recharge the batteries and feel in touch with their own identity once more. Let’s face it, we can all get a little wrapped up in motherhood and forget who we are from time to time. So getting that all-important “me time” can be enough to help you do that and remain sane in the process. So I thought I would share with you some of the fun ways you could enjoy this time to yourself.


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Indulge in a little online retail therapy


It can be all too stressful to head to the shops and look around potential clothes for you with children in town. If they don’t want the bathroom, then they are bored or hungry. So online shopping has fast become an easy and convenient way for you to peruse some items just for you and indulge now and again. A great tip is to look at websites like to see if you can get any further discounts with online vouchers and coupons. Bringing the checkout cost down even further. Who doesn’t love a bargain?


Create a WhatsApp group with other friends and enjoy a gossip


Sometimes getting out of the house and having an adult conversation with other like-minded individuals can be too much. So a great alternative is to use the popular application called WhatsApp and create a group. You can instantly chat with one another and gossip. Get yourself a glass of wine and sit in your comfortable pajamas and put the world to rights. If you are new to the WhatsApp application then sites like could help.


Arrange a ladies night in with your closest friends


If you get the opportunity where you and your closest friends have a night free, then arrange a gathering at your home and invite them all round. A few cheeky beverages in the fridge and some nibbles is all you need. Even if you just chat for an hour the time in adult company can be really uplifting and have a positive influence on you.


Sometimes the simple things are the best


Sometimes it can be the simple things that can make us feel human again. That might be taking a long soak in a warm bath or reading a book you have had on your bedside table for what seems like ages. These simple things we once maybe took for granted will feel like a real treat, and you will appreciate yourself so much more.


Watch a bit of trashy TV


Finally, you may have a real guilty pleasure for trashy tv like the real housewives programs or Big Brother. So why not set the record and series link, so you have some episodes of your favourite show to hand when the opportunity arises.


I hope this has inspired you with some of the best ways you can spend your important “me time.”


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