Fun Christmas-themed activities to do with your kids

There is nothing like this time of year. I love Christmas time and I especially love how special it is for my kids. For this reason, doing things all together as a family is very important for creating lifetime memories and family ties. I hope that one day my kids and their kids will carry on traditions of their own that are special to them, and that we will always remember what we did and the times we shared together during this special time of year. 

In case you are looking to add in some extra festive activities with your kids, here a couple ideas! 


I love settling in with my family to watch a Christmas movie. We make it a whole production, with cosy blankets, pyjamas, candles or the fireplace, snacks and a cup of tea. Especially on a cold winter evening, it is a great way to spend time together, really get into the holiday spirit and create traditions. Who knows, it just might turn into a Christmas tradition to always watch A Christmas Story or some other festive film! There are so many classic children Christmas movies, such as Elf, The Grinch, and The Muppet Christmas Carol. For example, there is an entire section called “Disney Magic Christmas” on the streaming platform CHILI, so you can flip through and choose something all together. 


Baking with your kids is a great way to have some fun and also help your kids be comfortable in the kitchen. You can teach them some tricks, have them do measurements and a little math, and just have fun throwing together some flour and other bits and bobs to come out with a delicious treat. Gingerbread cookies are always a classic for us. Besides the fact that we just love the smell of them, they are fun to make an activity out of and decorate afterwards. It’s all too easy for kids to get distracted, so be sure to keep them busy and excited for the end product, whatever you may be baking! 


When I think of Christmas with kids, one of the first things I think is ‘crafts’. There are so many Christmas crafts that you can do together, and you can make it as simple or as creatively challenging as you want! Christmas ornaments are a classic festive craft so you can all hang your crafts on the tree once they are done. Just remember to put the date on the bottom of the ornament so you will always remember when it was made! Making a Christmas wreath is also fun as you get to work with wonderful smelling garland and get creative with what you want to decorate the wreath with. 

These are just a couple of our favourite Christmas-themed activities! What are your family traditions? 


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