#FlashYourFluff // March Cloth Nappy Linky

#FlashYourFluff // March Cloth Nappy Linky

This month we have been testing out TotBots peenut cloth nappy on our boys. It’s the first time we have tried theses nappies and I really rate them!  

inserts fot neatly inside with press studs


this is the small nappy on top of the larger size


the waterproof outer can be sized to your baby


 The prints are unique to TotsBots and they sent us the delightful Twinkle print for both the boys! Very generous! 

The kits they sent also came with PeeNut day to night pads priced at £6.99. These give you all you need to make up the perfect piece of cloth kit. 

  JediBoys nappy was very roomy. We are finding he’s grown out a lot of his birth to potty nappies now and this is the only nappy he has heaps of room left in. It’s looks at feels comfy around his middle and legs which makes it a hit! As a toddler you don’t want to feel restricted at all and with its high absorbency too I’ve found this nappy to last a good few hours in the day and have no qualms about using it overnight! 


 Beatlebum has a little bit of growing to fit the legs of the nappy well but again the absorbency is fantastic! We love him in his teeny fit which still have plenty of room at 15 weeks old so we know the PeeNut will be a great next stage nappy for him. We’ve been using it with all the inserts though to pad out around his little legs!  

I do love the boys in matching nappies! The absorbency has proved a hit for both small and middle baby and it’s a great versatile nappy that suits them both which I am really happy about. I love the fact that the outer can be used a few times as long as it’s not soiled meaning less washing for me! The fact the prints are so lovely is a huge bonus too!

As you can see my photo shoots didn’t go quite to plan after a month of colds and general poorly boys! 

Have you got a love of cloths nappies? Link up your posts or reviews here and #FlashYourFluff too!


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  1. February 29, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    I don’t have much experience of TotsBots, but I just love that print! The little moons are adorable!

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