#FlashYourFluff // January Cloth Nappy Linky

#FlashYourFluff // January Cloth Nappy Linky

Hello! We’re back!

After a little flash your fluff break I’m back with more nappy style and this year we are going monthly rather than weekly plus now we have another little man we are having a go at twinning!

This month we are highlighting Tickle Tots!

We found out about this brand through our friends at Babipur and were keen to try them out. TickleTots come ready to use with one of their inserts down into the nappy. It’s a birth to potty nappy and I gave them a try on both boys.

The nappy fastens with Velcro and has poppers to adjust the sizing. I found this easy to do.

We’ve used them for two weeks and they’ve had 7 wears each at least. I love it when the boys have something slightly matching. The print is really nice and bright and hasn’t faded.

They are a perfect fit on our 18 month old and although our newest addition needs to fatten up to fill the legs we had no leaks. I found the nappies quite absorbent and we didn’t have any leaks with either boy. The double gusset is perfect for keeping in pooslosions. I do love the ease of using these and they dry super quickly too. We do dry our cloth on a radiator but without you’re looking at a half day drying time depending on the warmth in your home.

Overall these are a fab nappy! Do join up any cloth nappy posts below if you’ve written one this month!


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