#FlashYourFluff // Getting Summer Ready

For cloth lovers like me summer coming is a dream. You can flash your best cloth nappies on the washing line and the summer sun removes any stains naturally!

We have been using our cloth stash a lot more at home and now Beatlebum is bigger he has started to fit into a lot more. I’m sad that he’s coming out of smalls though. They’re packed up and ready to go to a new home now *sob*.

Cloth is a perfect solution for the summer. You don’t have to pad bottoms out or pop clothes over if you’ve got some super brights or funky prints. Means for a more comfy baby!

So what have we been wearing this week.

img_6547-1We do love our gNappies and we’ve finally got some cloth inserts for them. I love you can switch from cloth to compostable insert as this makes them a great replacement for disposibles.

Beatlebum has been trying out his football skills in TotsBots. This is the PeeNut and I love using this as it fits around his little legs so well!

Have you been using cloth this week? Are you excited about hanging it out on the lovely sunshine?

Don’t forget to hook up any cloth nappy links below! 

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  1. We used cloth nappies for a good year (only for inside the house though as he always wet through his clothes) and I just love the look of them! If we had more time and effort to spend using them properly I would. Maybe with our next baby!

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