Flash Your Fluff // gNappies Disposibles vs Supermarket Own Brands

gNappies were the first brand of nappy we used on Froglet. I loved that they were bright colours and there are some super special edition prints too. But what we love most is that the nappies have two choices of inserts – disposible (which are compost able) or cloth inserts. For our nighttime challenge we pitched their disposible against the Boots own disposible brand when Froglet was 4 months old and so we could easily go 3-4 nappy changes still.

Good Fortune gNappies

Good Fortune gNappies

The nappies matched up well against the disposible and the only difference was if there were any leaks it was user fault rather than the actual nappy. There is a insert panel which should be flush against babas skin to prevent leaks and sometimes in a tired haste I popped the nappy on a bit loose. When I didn’t though the absorbing was the same as the Boots and Sainsburys brand. Obviously the disposible inserts at this point lasted 3 hours maximum as is the case with newborns up to three months. The Boots own gave us exactly the same where as Sainsburys nappies often leaked quite badly.

IMG_4182.JPGOver the last few months these have been our go to daytime nappy. If we are on the school run I use these with a disposible and sometimes a cloth booster to get through the school run (our buses are a pain) which ranges from 1:45hr both ways up to 3 hours! Obviously I want Froglet to be as comfy as possible so a boost is there just in case.

I can’t wait to come back to you and tell you how we get on with a newborn in November!

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