Flash Your Fluff // Tots Bots Swim Nappy

We do love to try out all things cloth nappy and so when TotsBots came to us with a new swim nappy to try we obviously said yes!

I don’t show certain photos of the children on the bog so you’ll have to trust me on the absorbency when wet!


The nappy comes in two designs and costs £9.99. It is a good value for money product and essential beachwear for this summer. The nappys absorbency was really good. We tested in the bath as well as switching for one normal nappy over an hour. The nappy did well and we have no accidents or leaks with either boy.

The velcro tabs make it easy to adjust the nappy and the soft inner lining feels nice against the skin.

The nappy should fit both boys. It was a bit baggy on the legs for Beatlebum but a better fit on Jedi. It could do with having the press studs that their easy fit range have.

All in all it is a great swim nappy and I look forward to using it on the beach this summer.

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