#FlashYourFluff // Bamboozle From TotsBots

We have tried quite a few cloth nappies but we’ve only just added the Bamboozle Stretch to our stash. As big fans of the Tots Bots range and at £11.99 per nappy we wanted to see how it measured up to the real nappies in our collection.

This nappy is super soft and comes with an insert which is fixed via press studs. The softness comes from the bamboo and unlike other cloth nappies there is no PUL fabric to keep the wet in. You can use a wrap over the top with PUL in however the bamboo does really well at absorbing and we have yet to have any leaks during daytime use by not using a wrap.


On a Toddler

With one bigger boy on the go all the time and one little boy now starting to keep up this flexible nappy. The nappy allows great freedom of movement and never seems to bunch up when the boys are playing or moving around. By not using a wrap we have a cooler option but we take care for him not to leak through.

It’s the kind of nappy you need when  you are ready to start potty training. The absorb is good but it says to him you are wet too. It’s the perfect nappy for his age (23 months).

On a Baby

Beatlebum does get on with this nappy quite well too though. He has just started cruising and I feel this doesn’t limit him in any way. For night time use we pop the PeeNut wrap over the top and it has lasted a night from 6pm until 5:30am.

I do love that it feels more breathable and this will be perfect for hot summer days. Or you can use with a wrap cover like the PeeNut to prevent leaks through the fabric.All in all we are left wondering why we’ve never used these before.


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