Fizz Reviews Schleich Bayala Magical Horse

Fizz, like most 9 year olds it seems, is currently into all things Unicorn -I say Unicorn but also Alecorn, Pegasus – anything mythical and magical is a hot! So when Schleich asked us to review their new ranges I knew she would have a magical time.

We were sent a selection of 3 beautiful products where it was obvious that details had been fine tuned to make these extra special!

The horses were gorgeous colours and really detailed – which we find is often missing on children’s toys.

Fizz has been playing with them in her garden and has loved playing with these toys in the outdoors. They’re an ideal travel companion as well and she can easily take them all out for a day trip.

These gorgeous moon unicorns and pegasus can be found Smyths Toy Superstore. Prices start at £7.99 so perfect for gifts at school friends parties and pocket money buys.


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