First Impressions Review // BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-SizeCar Seat

Being a first time mum, it can be really overwhelming on what car seat to choose.  There are so many factors to consider;

  • Will it fit on my pushchair?
  • Is it heavy? 
  • What’s an isofix base? 

From doing my research, I have found that in the UK it’s the law that all babies and children use a car seat up until they are 1.35m tall or 12 years old. Also most hospitals insist on when leaving, your baby is strapped into a car seat. 

For Babies, there are two main types of car seats available; 

  1. A baby car seat which can join on to a travel system (pram) and fixes into your car with an ISOFIX base. These car seats are suitable from birth to 12 months and are removable. If you choose to use this type of car seat then you’ll need to buy another car seat for after 12 months. 
  2. A combination car seat which swivels and is suitable from birth to 4 or 12 years. These car seats are fixed into your car using an ISOFIX and are not designed to be taken out of the car.

I have been sent the BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size in along with the isofix base for review. This is a Group 0 car seat is suitable for babies 0-13 kg or from around 0-12 months, and does clip on to various strollers, a full list of one’s compatible can be found here: The weight is approx. 4.3kg. 

 The RRP of the BeSafe iZi Go is from £219.99 The RRP of the BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size Base is £199.99. The available colours are Midnight Black, Fresh Black Cab, Ivory Melange, Sunset Melange, Ocean Melange, and Metallic Melange, which is the one I opted for. I think it’s a gorgeous colour and really neutral too, so if you don’t know the gender of your new-born, it works perfectly for a boy or girl. 

I have to say, when the boxes arrived I was concerned it would be really complicated to fit, however I was really surprised, when I looked at the instructions how compact they were. There are only a few of pages of comprehensive written instructions, with a complete set of illustrations. Paired together, it makes the fitting of the base and seat quick and really easy to understand.

The iZi Go needs to be fitted in the car with the iZi Modular i-Size Base. If you don’t have the base, then you can also fit the infant carrier with the car’s own seat belt. The i-Size Base features three different sets of red or green indicators to let you know that it is fitted correctly. BeSafe include ISOfix insertion clips and they are stored in the underside of the base, which is really handy.

A fairly new feature to the car seat is the additional SIP+, or side impact protection+. With this car seat, the SIP+ is removable and needs to be fitted to the car seat on the door side of the vehicle. As an energy absorbing cushion, it reduces the distance to the car door, which in turn reduces the movement of the seat and baby. I don’t think it’s hugely necessary to fit this but I like how it has the option to have it if you want it. 

I was really impressed with the canopy at first glance. As it is completely independent from the handle, you can have it any position you like in or out of the car. The car seat also includes a three part new-born insert. The insert has headspace reducers in the headrest, a body hugger and a baby cushion underneath to offer a lay flat position, and these should stay fitted from new-born up to 60cm or around 4 months. Once your baby reaches three months, then the reducers in the headrest will need to be removed, at 60cm, the baby cushion removing, and then at 65cm, the body hugger removing.


  • NEVER buy or use a second hand car seat as any wear and tear could affect its safety.
  • REMOVE any thick or padded clothing before putting your baby/child into a car seat as these create a gap between the child and the harness.
  • Use a REAR FACING car seat/setting for the baby’s first 12-15 months (13Kg) for extra protection should you have a collision.
  • BREAK UP your car journey every 30 minutes (for a new-born) or 2 hours for an older baby/child.
  • DON’T allow your child to sleep for more than 2 hours in a car seat attached to a travel system.

Do you have any more car seat tips? What car seat do you have? 

Please note, I was gifted the car seat and isofix base to review. All images have been taken from the Be Safe website,

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