First birthday illness

On wednesday Miss Fizz had her First Birthday.

Oh My how quickly the year had gone!

Two days before Miss Fizz could celebrate her first year we had a worrying few days. On Monday night I picked up a different baby, cuddly and quiet and a temperature of 38. We called NHS direct, the emergency Dr wangled out of visiting us saying that if she got worse we could go to A&E but that it was probably viral. By Tuesday Daddy was really worried after I told him that Miss Fizz was acting like a newborn, would only sleep frog like on Mamma and dribbling all over me. We called our own Dr and begged for a home visit.

Miss Fizz has a viral inection but as her temperature wasn’t easing with Calprofen we were prescribed antibiotics.

I wanted Miss Fizz to be better for her birthday and although still not herself she was much brighter on the day.

A truck load of family arrived, a heap of presents and Miss Fizz was very overwhelmed by it all and very tired too.

It is really worrying that first time you feel a bit helpless, your child is really poorly, you feel a bit ignored by medics. In fact my twitter friends were more help!

My advice next time I’ll demand a home visit. I won’t back down because I think the Dr knows best, because Mamma (well Dadda in this case) knows best!

How do you cope when your little ones are ill?

Thanks to twitter friends @BabyBornFreeUK @luke1972 @ditransitive for their quick advice!

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