Fed Up With Bad Weather Keeping You Indoors?

When you’ve got young children, a wash-out summer can bring you more than just a soggy afternoon. Kids need to get out and about and make the most of being able to move around. A rainy day can make the house feel so much smaller than should. If you’re fed up with bad weather when your kids are restless, try some of these solutions to get them out and about having fun:

Waterproofs And Wellies

Small children have a love for splashing about in puddles. They love being able to feel different surfaces under their feet too. Invest in some waterproofs. Go for a size or two bigger, so they last a bit longer as your little ones grow. Add some wellies, and get ready for a lot of giggles and sillies while the rain is coming down. Find a muddy field and some big puddles of squelchy, soggy squeals of delight.


Roof Your Garden

A pergola could be just the thing to make your garden weatherproof. That extra space with a patio or pine wood deck flooring could be ideal for water and sand play or riding a trike. After all, a garden that is forever soggy isn’t much good for anything else! Pergolas can turn that useless space into a giant dining area, outdoor kitchen, kids play area or space for fun. It might help your pets feel a little less blue in the bad weather too.


Many of these outdoor rooms are safe enough for heating too. You can choose an extension style so that the walls can be closed off if necessary. Ultimately, this is a cost-effective way to maximise the living space in your home while still enjoying being outdoors in all weather. If you have some garden, why not make more use of it?


Shopping Centre

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you head out to the shopping centre for an afternoon. More and more big malls are offering fun and activities for little children. There are ride-on toys, and trains that run up and down the length of the centre. Many of the big shopping centres also offer play facilities that are under cover. This keeps your little ones occupied for a while. And walking the full length of the mall a few times will give you all a much-needed leg stretch.




When it’s raining outdoors, why not go for a swim indoors? There are plenty of toddler swim groups you can join, or just head along to the pool when it suits you. You can borrow floats and toys for the children’s pool or take along some of your own. Best of all, you are encouraging your kids to be active and master an essential life skill at the same day. Who said a wet day couldn’t be fun?


Rainy day activities are certainly possible if you have the facilities nearby to do them. Of course, you can also still use your garden if you’ve got something like an outdoor room or pergola to keep the rain off your head. What do you get up to with the kids when the rain is lashing down?


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