Favourite Childhood Memories

Over the past two weeks I have been full of nostalgia. After 20 years I have been re united with family and we have been through old photographs and recanting our childhood memories. It feels good to remember my childhood. Parts of it were lovely.

As Fizz grows older myself and my husband often start a line ‘when we were a child…’. You want to share some much with your little one and give them some of the fabulous times you had and more.

So here are my favourite memories from my early years;

1) Dancing in my grandmas living room to her record player

2) Playing out in the street with friends in my street

3) watching my dad play football and the juice and crisps in the club house after

4) Christmas day opening a barbie house from my parents

5) Sitting around the table to east dinner

And my favourite adult memories

1) Seeing my first ever concert (it was The Corrs, my second was seeing Garbage)

2) My wedding day and the night before the wedding where I had my friends and family together

3) The day we found out Fizz was on her way



We all have memories and they all feel very intimate and to a person outside ours lives quite simple.

What are your favourite memories?


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