Fashion Fiasco: Winter Wardrobe Woes

Winter has pretty much sunk its claws into the Western Hemisphere and everyone seems to be moaning about how the cold is bothering them. But it doesn’t need to be like this, not if you are wearing the right clothes. Winter is a season to be enjoyed. Sure, the cold can be annoying sometimes and even hurt, but for the most part snowy mountains are there to be explored, snowball fights, snowmen, there are so many things you can do in winter with your family. Staying in your home all winter is a waste. Get into your winter clothes and enjoy it while it lasts. The kids will love it, and after you’ve weathered the inevitable snowball storm you will too.


First off, it can be quite expensive to outfit your whole family in winter coats. That being said, they should last you a few seasons and you can get some great offers if you’re savvy, these lane bryant coupons can go towards a new coat for example. The offers are there, it just takes a little research. You can also save some money by thinking in advance. Winter gear costs the most in September and November, essentially just before the season starts. This is of course expected and sometimes unavoidable if you need something at short notice. If you want the best deal your best bet is to by them as summer is starting by targeting back stock. Or, exploiting the January sales. You can get the price slashed by around half depending on what you want to buy.


Many people believe they can’t stay fashion conscious in the cold whilst still remaining warm, and it is hard. People wear huge ungainly coats and call it quits. But there is a way of wearing smaller, less insulating coats which are far more fashion friendly even in the worst of snowy weather. You need to wear layers. Each layer traps more heat and keeps your warmer for longer, the more layers the harder it is for the heat to escape. You need to wear a thermal base layer, this will keep you warm and you’ll really feel the difference. Then another two layers between you and your coat. You’ll feel as warm as if you were wearing a huge coat, but this way you get to stay fashion friendly and still feel warm.
Accessories play a huge part too, they make a fashion statement whilst keeping you warm. But, you simply can’t wear cotton gloves in the snow. They will quickly become saturated and your hands will go numb. You need waterproof gloves like leather. Leather gloves aren’t as chunky as some of the gore tex type gloves you see a lot of these days, though they won’t keep your hands as warm. Again, the tip here is to wear another base layer. Wear some thin cotton gloves, then wear the leather ones on top. It’ll feel really strange at first, but you’ll be able to feel the difference. Again, you’ll be fashionable and warm all at once.


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